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Why you are the most beautiful on earth


You are the most beautiful, the reason why its hard for you to notice, is because you are comparing yourself to

you are beautiful just the way you are, beauty lies in the heart not in your face, beauty isn’t words but your
character, beauty is your reputations, beauty is your
contributions in the society.

are you among the people that loves or the people that hates? just know that beauty is love, and ugly is hate, once you love unconditionally.
you are beautiful, but if you hate someone, you are ugly, you are
not perfect, stop looking for perfect people cos they don’t
exist, always forgive and forget.

make peace with everyone and your heart will gain a lot of happiness and harmony, free yourself from worries and
you will be healthy.

may the almighty God in Heaven
give you the power to know that you are beautiful.

that you are attractive, that you are supernatural, may he give
you the grace to always learn from our past.

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