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Tom Brady, Gisele dressed as avocado toast for Halloween

Tom Brady, Gisele dressed as avocado toast

Tom Brady, Gisele dressed as avocado toast

Tom Brady, Gisele dressed as avocado toast

It looks like Tom Brady really is the avocado to Gisele Bündchen’s toast.

The Patriots power couple took to Instagram on Tuesday night to show off their costumes for this year’s festivities. Since he’s such a fan of avocado ice cream, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback went trick-or-treating as his favorite healthy ingredient, while his wife dressed up as a piece of toast.

Earlier in the week, the couple’s costume choice became the fodder for a pretty humorous post-game press conference, which prompted Brady to later reveal their outfits in a radio interview on Monday, although at the time, he wasn’t sure which part of the snack he would be going as.

“I think we’re some type of avocado and toast,” Brady said. “I don’t know which one. My wife bought the costume.”


Well, the Patriots star went through with his promise, as he and Gisele shared a pair of fun post featuring their costumes on their Instagram accounts.

“I just can’t resist an avocado!” Gisele wrote in her post, which also featured a photo of the couple’s kids all ready to go for trick-or-treating.

“The toast to my avocado,” Brady said in his post. “Happy Halloween everyone!”

They definitely won Halloween with this year’s couples costume.


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