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Landlady gave this popular attress quit notice, see why

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Sad Attress

Landlady gave this popular attress quit notice see why

Landlady gave this popular attress quit
Sad Attress

This is not a good news for lovers of this actress in the Yoruba version of Nollywood as she is currently homeless following the decision by her landlady to give her a quit notice.

According to Olofofos, the actress, who has the same first name as that of the minister that is in charge of our country’s money, had a problem with her landlady where she was living at that city in the South-West state known for amala and gbegiri.

Olofofos said the actress, who is a single mother, is notorious for bringing all kinds of men into the rented apartment and this did not go down well with the landlady who was said to have warned her many times to stop the habit.

What made matters worse happened early this month when the actress held an all-night birthday party which Olofofos described as ‘wild’ as all sorts of immoral things took place at the party which the landlady was angry about.

This made the woman to ask the actress to leave her house and as of now, the lady is moving from one friend’s house to another to sleep while she is making frantic efforts to rent another house.



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