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Hmc10k won’t Pay You Because Of This (Check It Out)

Hmc10k won't Pay You Because Of This (Check It Out)

If You Go To Hmc10k Website, You see articles they wrote that says.

  • We take Fraud serious here. All Tasks must be performed perfectly with no cheats, if will find out your account and earning will be taken down immediately.
    All earning will be returned to our Customers.
    Good Luck. Happy Earning.

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Some people reached hundred $100 but their money was deducted to 30Dollar for cheating, when you want to cashout and they told you that you can’t because you have cheated.

HMC10k is scam and not a paying site

It maybe because you share one link to multiple groups on whatsapp at once, without sharing it one by one or that you don’t click the Imageads.

Hmc10k won't Pay You Because Of This (Check It Out)

when you finish your whatsapp friends and group ads, they will ask you to click an image which is ads showing on That page

Earn $100 within 10days and get paid directly to your bank account

I have show you guys my cashout

Don’t cheat, just do it gradually and you will get your money.



  1. I’ve cashed out, it’s been over a week. The first cash out they said I. Cheated and started me on 30$ I did again andf cash out went smoothly but yet to get the pay. Also I can’t shear on Whatsapp what’s wrong?

  2. I’ve done my cash out. The first one I was returned to 30$ but I’ve long completed the task and cashed out over a week now no pay yet plus I can’t shear on Whatsapp what’s wrong?


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