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Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh and friends to Disneyland


Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh and friends to Disneyland

Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh and friends to Disneyland

Angelina Jolie took Shiloh and her friends on a birthday trip to Disneyland on Friday (26.05.17).

The ‘Maleficent’ star was seen at the park with her 11-year-old daughter and even flew some of Shiloh’s Cambodian friends over to spend the special day with the young girl.

A source told People magazine: “All [Shiloh] wanted for her birthday was to see her friends from Cambodia. She wants to show them America.”

Shiloh’s sisters Vivienne, eight, and Zahara, 12, were also seen enjoying all the fun the park had to offer.

Meanwhile, Angelina is pretty sure her children will end up living all over the world when they are older and she looks forward to the day when she spends her time “travelling” to visit them.

Asked where she sees herself in 10 years, the ‘By The Sea’ actress said: “I imagine I will spend my days travelling from country to country to visit our children, who I expect will live around the world.

“I think some will be interested in the international work I do, and I would love to partner with them as I continue. I imagine I will be less involved in film and be focused more on family and foreign affairs.”

And Angelina went on to gush about her daughter Zahara when she was asked what one thing makes her truly happy.

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She added: “The sound of Zahara’s laugh. She is one of those people who laughs with her whole body. Completely open and full of joy.”

Angelina’s brood were recently described as “so polite” after they visited a book store during a recent trip to London.

A source said at the time: “[Angelina] also thanked me for being considerate and sweet for letting her kid have the last copy of the ‘Deathly Hallows’. It was in my hand at the time, but I let him have it.

“She was lovely. Her kids are so polite. Her lad came over and thanked me for letting him have the book he wanted for a school project. Called me ‘Sir.’ Nice people.”

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