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12 Powerful Inspirations That Will Change Your Thoughts Forever


1 Hope and expect worse from people

They will insult you, take you for granted, beat you up, cheat on you and humiliate you in public, forgive them and move on.
If they know your worth, they will value all you have done to put a smile on their face, remember that in this life people who live their life being good and kind will win, dont give up, start doing good my dear.
2 Change Around

Change will not come from people around you, it starts with you, if you change from bad to good, others will imitate you. So be the change you want to see in your residence.

3 People’s Mistakes

Always expect mistakes from people you love, dont hesitate to forgive them, dont hesitate to correct them, overlook their mistakes and dont use it against them in the future, forgiveness is a gift and it heals the heart

4 Don’t Get Sick Of Love

A times people gets sick of love, cos they fell in love with unreal people that broke their heart, since then they have decided to block their hearts, and start seen love as something that doesn’t exist, if someone breaks your heart, try again, don’t get sick, one day you will get the right person, nothing is easy, good things are hard to find but you can get bad things so easy.
Know that you are not the only one in that kind of situation, don’t give up, keep trying but don’t add sex, remove sex, cos it can never lead to real love, love is a natural gift, you can’t force love, but it comes when you least expect it.

5 Date when you are ready

Dont fall inlove when you are not ready to experience it pains, relationship is painful, no matter how hard you try to make it work. dont give up, one day you will get use to the pains and burden in it, cos its too imperfect beings trying to stick together but sometimes illusion destroys their plans.

6 Don’t Hate Anyone

Hate kills the hater not the person you hate, so start loving and you will have peace, forget about past hurts, forget everything that brings agony to your heart and move on, the lord is your strength

7 Always Say Sorry When you offend Your Partner

If you are having problem with your spouse and you are the one at fault, say that you are sorry, if your spouse gets you angry, and he/she has been calling you and you are ignoring that call, you will get addicted to that behaviour and it will be too hard for you to overcome, if they call you, pick up and listen to what they have to say, forgive and one day you will be happy to overlook, no one is perfect on earth, everyone has fault, even you that is reading these text, sweethrt forgive always and allow your heart to ease the pain.

8 Happiness Starts From You

If you cant make yourself happy, no one else will, if your aim of being in a relationship is to be happy, am so sorry, pains will be your breakfast, love is the heaviest burden on earth, cos its hard to cope with it pains, look at Jesus and what he did, thats an example of what love looks like, carrying another persons burden. So make yourself happy and you will never regret it.

9 Be Honest In Your Relationship

if you want to have strong relationship don’t lie to your partners. When two loves each
other and they are planning to spend their lives together they should be best friends.
When these two trusts each
other they can have the best
relationship, No Secrets no lies.

10 Love Is Not Always Happy

Love causes pain dear, there’s no happiness in it, when you love someone or people, expect worse from them, not even one person is perfect on earth, we are all imperfect, so love them for who they are
and overlook their mistakes.

11 Good Finds Good

You can’t get a good man or a good
woman when you are sleeping
around with different men/women. You will get a good man/woman
when you stop chasing and wasting
your time in bad lifestyle, when you
close your legs, when you start
dressing responsible, when you start
talking to people in a good manner, when you dont imitate peoples life,
when you dont do what other people
are doing, when you Fear God and
follow his will, that’s when you will
know when a good man or woman comes.
Be wise, do good and good will come
to you.

12 Don’t Be Too Desperate

Some people are rushing into marriage but they don’t have the qualities of husband/wife material, that’s why they fight a lot. You need to find out what marriage requires, what is your role, are you willing to sacrifice for your partner, are you willing to endure and forgive, cos marriage isn’t easy, many temptation will emerge but don’t give up on your spouse, always pray and don’t leave because of little fights, it worth it my dear.

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    Well, all this happen in life, but believe and do good as it is written, You will see that “e sure for you” Life goes on.
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